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Translation and Technology: a love-hate relationship !

I have always been interested in the intersection of technology and language, following the early days of neural networks and self-learning CAT tools. This fall, I was finally able to learn TRADOS but also deepen my knowledge of translation environments, paragraph/sentence/term level translations, venture in the world of Regex but also discuss contemporary questions in the industry and the challenge of localization and internationalization. With this portfolio, I invite you to take that learning journey with me.

I will walk you through the different steps of a localization project, from the first meeting to the review and post-mortem, while demonstrating how we leverage technology to convey meaning. Moreover, we can do this with almost any document. Cool, right ?!

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A successful localization projects relies on solid project management skills. From initiation to delivery, a timeline needs to be defined and respected.


After the first team meeting, our team provides the client with a statement of work. It is important as it serves as a blueprint for the project with clear terms and agreements outlined.

Translation Tech: Projects
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For this project the delivery were four  (4) SRT files for a tech company, one in each of the following languages: French, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.

Click here to have access to the deliverables.


At this stage, the project is finalized and the team discussed efficiency and workload management as well as process improvment. To get a peak at how it works, check it out here.

Translation Tech: Projects
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